Taking Initiative Announcements - Patreon, Discord, and Talking Initiative

What’s up, you nat 20’s?

We’ve had some changes to our Patreon, nothing crazy, but some new things. Check the Tiers out below. But there are a few big updates I want to talk about directly.

The first is that we have a Discord now. You can find the link as a pinned tweet on our Twitter. Come by and chat. Drew will be asking daily questions for the foreseeable future.

The second big update is that we are starting "Talking Initiative." Once a month, we are going to gather on the internet couch and discuss the two latest episodes, how we got there, and the things we regret about them. We will also answer questions from our 3 dollar and above patrons.

But! For a limited time, up until February 9th, anyone can ask us questions for "Talking Initiative." This is just to get us started and let everyone get in on the fun.

The first episode of "Talking Initiative" will air on Twitch on February 9th at 10pm ET. Come join Josh, Bucky, Nick, Celeste, and Drew as we close out "The Gunman Comes Around" in style.

The third big update is that we will be launching our Twitch. At the start, it will be hosting "Talking Initiative" and in a few months, the “Meanwhile…” series will become a streaming series. We will also be working on getting other streaming shows up and running over the next year, including some with our sister shows on the Spark Network.

Our updated Patreon tiers:

$1: a thank you on our website (This doesn't change at all).

$3: Early access to episodes and access to the private Discord server to ask questions on "Talking Initiative," which will be a monthly Twitch stream where we talk about the two latest episodes and answer listener questions. 

$5: Access to all bonus content, access to the upcoming live streams of the "Meanwhile..." series, which we started as a recorded podcast, but we are moving to a live stream model, and the chance to ask characters questions that will get answered in character on mailbag episodes.

And, of course, a HUGE thank you to all of you who made our first year as fantastic as it was.  We closed out the year with over 50K total downloads!  We're beaming and we only have you the audience to thank for your love and support.

The Taking Initiative Patreon is Now Live

Taking Initiative now has a Patreon!  The tiered rewards include getting your name right on this here website, getting access to bonus episodes and content, and getting our usual TI episodes early.  Hop on over and see if supporting the show is something you'd like to do.