Welcome to Nerds on a Roll.  We are an actual-play podcast for Masks.  It's a hack of the Apocalypse World system.  I'm talking a tabletop RPG here!  Get ready for a new adventure and follow our young heroes while they struggle with horrible villains and the plight of being teenagers.  Nothing says fun more than breaking curfew to beat on an anthropomorphic triceratops.

Episodes, or "Issues," release every other Tuesday.  You can find the episodes on your podcast app or at nerdsonaroll.com.

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Cast & Crew

Kati Kawaguchi


-Social Media Manager
-Art Director
-Content Creator
-Kid Kati

Kati is an art student studying illustration at California State University, Fullerton.  She has her sights set on becoming a character artist in the near future, spends her free time reading comics, and watches Bob’s Burgers on continuous repeat.  Kati is the novice of the group, having only two years of experience in the D&D world, often quoted by her friends for asking questions like, “Are there dragons in this game?”  And although she plays the Delinquent on Nerds on a Roll, she really is anything but.

Tom Nguyen


-Equipment Master
-Script Writer
-Community Outreach
-Content Creator
-Theo Morell

Conscripted from child birth in the southern regions of France to serve in the Imperial Guard, this trooper serves the 501st loyally, quelling rebellions throughout the Galaxy.  When peace is finally secured throughout, TK-42469 can be found raid leading in World of Warcraft, running simulations in PUBG, or staying in shape at the gym!  Oh, and food...ALWAYS ALL THE FOOD!

Loren Peterson


-Content Creator
-Game Master

SoCal born and raised, Loren hates the heat, sun, and hipsters from his hometown.  A passionate storyteller and ravenous reader, combined with an encyclopedic knowledge of incredibly pointless facts and anecdotes, molded him into an ideal game master over the past decade.  When he isn’t reading, creating, or running content for tabletop RPGs, he can be found working his way through a massive video game backlog or re-watching The Venture BrothersCommunity, or Arrested Development for the millionth time.  In addition to geek culture and gaming, Loren also enjoys to cook (slowly and poorly), mix cocktails, and drink his coffee (black and by the gallon).

David "DJ" Schulkey


-Content Creator
-Nazgrim Bloodscale

David, or better known as DJ, grew up in Southern California.  He grew up as a gamer, starting with his N64 all the way to his present day PC.  He first started role playing online through Neopets, where he enjoyed playing as a villainous Grarrl named Figaro.  Eventually, he came to enjoy RPing on the private servers of Neverwinter Nights 2.  This was his first interaction with tabletop role playing until he was invited to play a game of Pathfinder with Loren Peterson.  Since then, he's been tabletop gaming on a weekly basis for the past five or so years.  Outside of all that, he works as a grouchy cashier and a once hardcore, now casual, raider on World of Warcraft.

Robert Segarra


-Founder of Nerds on a Roll
-Editor (Main)
-Content Creator
-Golden Glove

Once upon a time, Robert set out to create a podcast.  He asked the best people he knew and, armed with his knowledge gathered from years of listening to podcasts, Nerds On A Roll was created!  However, he accidentally added an extra ingredient: demanding work.  So now, Robert spends his days editing all of the issues, working as a coffee master at a coffee shop, and getting his Bachelors Degree in Finance by Spring 2018.  He is known for his latte art skills, being a triplet, and his love of tabletop gaming and podcasts. Oh, and did I mention he is also the heartwarming Golden Glove?