Want a chill as hell review about those nerdy, sci-fi TV shows everyone is raving about by two "cool" nerds? Join your friends Drew and Volly as they share a transatlantic virtual couch (the best kind of couch), throw puns at one another and chat nerd culture. Oh, and review an episode of those sci-fi shows. Whatever, it's chill as hell.

"Couch For It" streams live every Sunday at 8pm ET on the Spark Network Twitch channel and releases on iTunes the following Friday.



Cast & Crew

Drew Tillman


-The Spark Network Co-Founder
-Cast Member

Created out of mud from a swamp deep in the heartlands of Georgia, Drew has since turned into a voracious reader, a storyteller, and an enthusiast for playing games with his friends. Now, he lives in New York and spends all of his free time creating things and listening to podcasts.




-Cast Member

Volonda goes by many names: Volly, Mistress and Blood are but a few names for this UK based nerd who gives up her nights to play RPGs. An old hand at being a player, it wasn’t until a few years ago that she tried DMing...and hasn’t really stopped since. Volonda not only voices the world of The Lucky Die, but she also appears in audio dramas, other roleplaying podcasts and is Blood of Bloodthirsty Puppets. She enjoys puns, eggspecially egg puns.

If you ask a question & the letters R P & G appear in that order, assume she will be there.